Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Eye Shadow Dilemma

I've run into a dilemma I don't remember having in past summers... have I not worn eye shadow in the sweltering heat of Iowa or Illinois? Have I kept my winter hues and inadvertently clashed with the spring flowers? Why, oh WHY are all my shades dark and gloomy? This will just not do. I'm in the market for a new summer tint.

But I'm being pulled in a million different directions! (Well, 4 really...)

1. Metallics. Really? in the summer? I'm a little bit afraid they will draw the sun to my face like a tanning reflector a la 1953.

2. Bridget Bardot cat eyes. MEOW! However, I'm usually "the bomb" at makeup application but I just can't do the cat eye! I don't have any liquid liner right now, but even when I do, I do the cat eye and move back to look at my handy work, and the corner comes to a point in the strangest place! But I am leaning toward this look...

3. Apricot. This or any orangey tone might be really cute! But will it give me the pink eye look? Sure, it looks good here on Scarlett Johansen, but come on! Perfect skin, perfect eye brows...

4. Lilac! I just happen to HATE the color purple, but I LOVE to wear it! It looks great on me (red hair- like the chick on the right) and I find all my favorite clothes in that color. I think this may be the winner folks, but what do you think?