Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beast Mode Workout

I have to sneak (I just wrote snack... freudian slip) in and tell you guys about my workout today.

One word.


So I workout at the Y and we have a group of us on an email chain that works out together.  Our Wednesday class (the only one I usually get to from the group) is a beast.  It's taught by two ladies that are serious athletes, running distances I get tired thinking about and tackling triathlons...  Beasts.

So today I walked down (only took 5 minutes... why have I been driving for a year and a half?) and we had our workout outside.

The workout was divided up into stations, and as soon as you were done with one station, you started the next.

Here are the stations:

1. Run around the downtown Y.
2. Sit ups
3. With a resistant band wrapped around a pole, pull your arms back like you're coming in for a hug.
4. Lunges with your back foot up on a bench
5. Laying down on one side with a weighted pole, place one end on the outside of your foot, the other end acts as a fulcrum (think teeter totter) as you lift the pole with your leg, up and down.
6. Bicep curls.

And then we did it again, a little bit different.

1. Run around the downtown Y.
2. Leg lifts
3. With a resistant band wrapped around a pole, bend your elbows this time while going in for the hug.
4. Lunges with your other back foot up on a bench
5. Teeter the other totter.  Aka do the other leg
6. Tricep lifts.  Lift the weight over your head, while keeping your elbows in by your ears, drop the weight down behind you and lift it back up.

And then we did it again... a little bit different.  

1. 5 hill sprints (I walked...)
2. Bicycles (lay down and ride your bike)  I also call this horizontal running... Pitch Perfect? no? just me? cool.
3. With a resistant band wrapped around a pole, pull your arms down, bring your bent elbows down by your sides.  A row motion.
4. Step up on the bench, and then step down... a few more times
5. Lift that teeter totter with the bottom leg.  And then switch to the other side for a bit.
6. Upright rows.  Bend over and row, row, row your boat.

And then they all did 10 burpees while I walked back to work.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Grilled Flatbread

I have been doing pretty well with my sugar/clean eating challenge.  I did slip up a little bit this weekend going to a Pampered Chef party and scarfing a slice of cake.  But in my defense, it was smores cake, with gooey chocolate and graham crackers and marshmallows...  Not just a slice of chocolate cake.  

And then today, I went to an event called chocolate connection... and I controlled myself pretty well, taking just a few small pieces of chocolate.  Until I won the door prize... a giant box of Chocolaterie Stam Chocolates.  Yeah... a whole... giant... box...

So I packed that up and put it in the back of my freezer in a big plastic bag.  It's there motivating me to make it through the 10 weeks and come out on the other side a little less obsessed.

Now, on to something a little less sweet.  Grilled flatbread!

I wanted to call this post "grilled pizza" but I didn't use any mozzarella on the top of it, so I couldn't, with a straight face, call this pizza.  It was, however, borderline better.  *Gasp*

When you're grilling a pizza, make sure to spray the side you're going to put down first, grill it for a bit, and then flip it and top the grilled side with sauce and goodies.  

I used a chunky sugar-free spaghetti sauce with tons of garlic and herbs and some chunks of artichokes.  And then I grilled some veggies and topped it all with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.  In all honesty, to make it a pizza, just put some mozzarella cheese on there and close the grill.  Mmmmm.

After a few bites, I added a shmear of hummus...  sheer bliss.  

And guess what? I have 1 1/2 pizzas left. MWA HAHAHAHA