Tuesday, June 24, 2014

American Flag Cake

So my good friend Stephanie invited some friends over Sunday for the World Cup game, and so we could check out her basement, decorated by the folks at West End Salvage for their HGTV show!  The game was a heartbreaker and I don't really want to talk about it... But we are still in it with one win and a draw.  Now we just have to set our sights on beating Germany! 

Full disclosure, soccer isn't my favorite sport in the world, it ranks up there between badminton and squash (Fellow ISU Rec Service employees know what I'm talking about... the marks a squash ball leave on the walls are near impossible to get off, and setting up a badminton court on a Friday night when all the basketball courts are full is a battle you can't win).  But Soccer has always been just eh for me.  I don't really love to run, and there is a lot of running involved.  But the whole world is excited about the World Cup, and just like every 4 years when I get really excited about Olympic swimming, I'm 100% all in for America right now. 

And this party did not disappoint.  We chowed down on pulled pork and corndogs and drank red white and blue cocktails!  Seriously, Stephanie is the hostess with the mostess.  She trusted me and bought this patriotic cake from me without exactly knowing what she was getting herself into, and I think it turned out splendid.

I started with two red 9" circle cakes, two white 9" circle cakes and a blue 9" circle cake.  I will say, homemade is better in this case.  Boxed cake is so incredibly tender that it falls apart easily, making it very difficult to frost and even more difficult to cut in thin pieces.  

I cut the cakes in even slices, giving me two layers per cake. 

Make sure the layers are the same size using a cake cutter.  I used this one:

Then I alternated red, white, red, white with a thin layer of frosting in between each.  You want it to be very thin so it doesn't get in the way of your stripes.

I cut a hole in the middle of the blue cake, cutting carefully around a cup.

And layered that on top of my red and white layers.

I filled the hole in the middle with circles of red, white and red in the same shape of the hole. 

I pressed it down into the hole to make sure it was flush to the top of my cake.  You will have some leftover cake if you make these... I recommend Cake Balls

Then I gave it a thin coat of white buttercream.

I frosted it with some festive colors to hint at what you might find inside...

But no one was ready for the amazingness that is this cake. 

Dare I say, it turned out better than I even thought it would!  The colors were bold, the pattern was perfectly proportioned, and I nearly broke out into the national anthem when I cut it open.


I'll be putting it up on my website soon for purchase for the 4th of July.  $45 for a 9" round American Flag cake.  I can deliver in the Des Moines area the morning of the 4th or the evening of the 3rd, and I'll be in Ames for deliveries around noon.  Email me at butterybunbakery@gmail.com to order! Orders must be placed by July 1st.