Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Fantasy Football Obsession

I've become completely obsessed with Fantasy Football... I have never been interested in it because I knew once I started, it would consume my life. And it has.
I'm also a VERY competitive person, and I HATE losing. So my introduction to Fantasy Football has been a welcome surprise. BECAUSE I'M A WINNER!!! Like the name? PS my Fantasy team killed BearsWillDestroy on the same day my Saints beat his Bears... WHO DAT?!?!

I've won my first two games and I feel good about my team.

I have a few injuries, and I'm looking to make some trades, but I think everyone's in that boat. Players are getting hurt quickly this season. I think it's because they weren't conditioned and ready for the season. Hopefully my QB Drew Brees kept the pressure on during the off season. I can't afford to be starting Sam Bradford...

So now that I've gone on a rant about the #1 thing people don't care about...

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