Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Into Fitness

This isn’t really a Friday Favs.  I kinda did a Friday favs thing yesterday… plus, this is my blog! So shut up! 

Anyway.  What I’m SO excited about today is completely endorphin fueled.  I was fully planning on going to a 10:00 am workout class at the Walnut Creek YMCA, but I couldn’t fall asleep last night after I got off work…  So I just ended up going to a spin class at noon.  

I admit, I pledged to walk 1K for the “Start Somewhere” walk… And I didn’t.  Instead, I took an intense spin class with 3 guys discussing Ironman Madison…  I will also admit that I keep calling it the “Start Something” walk and I envision people on the streets of downtown DSM getting into it over parking spaces and spilled mochas.  

So the Des Moines Y is having a fall challenge where you get a signature for every class you take in October and November, and if you take 30 classes in 60 days you get a T-shirt.  Well… I am SO freaking motivated by free stuff it’s not even funny.  

So I found out about this challenge on Tuesday during my Yoga class, so I immediately got a card and got my first signature.  Since then, I took a spin class on Wednesday, went to an intense Y-Pump class on Thursday that I usually go to, and then took a spin class today when I would have usually just gone for a walk or done my own ‘stationary bike with a mag’ thing.  

As I’m walking out I’m counting my 4 signatures over and over again and I keep getting 5…  Tuesday… Wednesday… Thursday… Friday… AND ONE MORE?! What the heck? So as I get to my car in the parking lot I finally look at the signatures.  The spin dude today signed it twice!  Just because it was my lucky day!  I know he did it on purpose because… well, I just know!  I was totally geeking out in my car.  Clearly, I’m still geeking out.  

Thanks for making my day spin dude. 

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