Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Blizzards and Full Wheel

I have a few updates to some of my latest blogs. 

First of all, HUGE thanks to Elizabeth who brought me a perfectly portioned Pumpkin Pie Blizzard.  Along with some yummy meatloaf. 

Next item of business: My YMCA challenge card... 

I'm rocking it.  21 classes to go.  And my Wednesday spin instructor was impressed with my numbers.  However, he keeps telling me how many people he knows have started going to classes regularly and lost a TON OF WEIGHT!... Listen hippy, I need you to shut your mouth and teach spin class.  And furthermore, your spin class is nothing compared to Friday's spin class... the one where the instructor gave me 2 signatures.  That's right! He's my favorite. 

Ahem.... Sorry about that...  

I also have a word for my yoga instructor, the one that I desperately want to be accepted by for some reason... He remembers everyone's names, but mine.  He engages in conversation with everyone, but me.  He corrects people's form and encourages them when they finally get a pose right, except ME! 

I was the only one in full wheel (backbend) on Tuesday, and I get out of it and he says, "no one's going to even try?"  WHAT THE?! Even the old lady next to me stood up for me.  She told him I did it.  And then asked if I was a gymnast... Why yes little old lady who can put her leg behind her head, I am a gymnast.  a 5'9" gymnast with hips.

Anyway, I did it 4 more times and still got no love.  I also almost had handstand last week and got no love.  What's up with that Drew? 

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  1. Bahaha! I'm splitting a gut. If you post a pic of your back bend and handstand I promise I will give you love... only if you then promptly hand me one of those tasty pumpkin pie blizzards you spoke of. :)