Monday, April 2, 2012


Today is my boyfriend's birthday! So I took him on an overnight trip yesterday to Omaha.  I was shocked to hear that it was only 2 hours away.  (I know, geography was never my strong suit) 
Literally the only picture we have together...

We were pretty hungry, so we searched for a Steak and Shake... Strangely enough, the only one in Omaha was permanently closed.  So, on a whim, Arnold looked to see if there was a Five Guys in Omaha. AND THERE WAS!  That's how excited he was... I'd never been there, so I was just hungry-surprised.  

So lunch was a delicious burger with a zillion toppings and peanut oil-fried french fries...  I don't usually like fries, but there was something about those crunchy little guys that drew me away from my juicy burger.  

After lunch, we headed to the ZOO!  It was one of the most exciting moments of my life... I love the Zoo.  
We saw some giraffes and their week old babies! 

Arnold is going to be mad I said this, but he thought they were fake... He kept thinking everything was fake! 

The rhino was a big hit.  He was HUGE, and he got up from his nap for a photo opp.  
 We went to a show at the IMAX theater at the zoo, mostly to cool off because it was around 90 degrees! It was a scorcher.  And that's no April Fool's joke. 

After the zoo we checked into our hotel because we were exhausted and wanted to rest and shower before dinner. 

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant in the Old Market district called Vivace.  My friend from work had recommended it.  Glad she did. It was delicious! The bread they served was out-of-control.  

I loved the Old Market area.  There were interesting buildings and cool little shops.  We went in a few, but most of them were closed because it was Sunday night. 
 This wall might be the best photo I've ever taken... I'm a horrible photographer. 
 After doing some research, I think Omaha might be a future destination for me.  There is a sweet pedestrian bridge that I'm dying to ride, and the bartender at a bar we stopped in said there are tons of bike trails leading away from it on the Iowa side.  (Because that's how we roll... Get it?)
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  1. That's a cute picture of you two! Glad you had fun!

  2. Thanks! I had a blast... I think he had fun too.