Friday, May 4, 2012

Eating Local in Boston

Michael's Harborside, Newburyport, Massechussets. 

I'm a huge fan of eating local, as you probably already know, and I love to eat local food when I'm on vacation too. 
While I was in Boston I tried to order as much seafood as I possibly could. 
The last night I was in town we went down to Michael's Harborside for some noms.  We had a fancy seat right next to the windows where we could look at the boats that literally brought the food back to shore for us to eat. 
Can't get much more local than that. 
We started with steamers, which are delicious mussels steamed so they open up.  Butter and broth dipping choices made them even more delicious.  I mean, can you dunk something in butter and not love it?
Excuse my dark pics, it was a fancy restaurant and I didn't want to turn on the flash.
 I got a plate of food I'm not proud of... but it was dang good.  I think it was called the fisherman's basket.  It had fried shrimp, fried haddock, fried clams, fried scallops, fried onion rings and french fries....

Don't judge me right now.

Gino got a lobster roll... That giant pile of crustacean slapped on a roll is pretty par for the course when it comes to Bostonian plates. 

You know, just a crazy expensive fancy dinner mixed with mayo and made into an old east coast standby....

And my famous tour guide.  He's eating my meal right now...

We walked around Boston one day and his Warriors T-shirt got him like 6 high-fives.  If my turtle necklace hadn't gotten a shout-out, I might have gotten a little jealous.

Here are a few shots from my impromptu trip.

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