Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fishing Trip

What's more local than a fish you catch yourself? Nothing! So I loaded up my grandpa and my cousin and we headed to a private pond my grandpa knew about.

Now, when I was a little one, I wanted to be a professional fisherwoman.  I wanted to have my own bass fishing show... 

Well, I didn't really prove my chops on this trip.

We all caught a little something... Grandpa got the biggest fish.  This one was a little bigger than it looks in this picture, but not big enough to keep. 

My cousin Olivia caught 5 or 6 little tiny things.  She was the champion of the trip. 

Even I snagged a little guy... But all in all, we didn't catch anything big enough to keep.  We did, however, have a  great time chatting and casting  out. 

Don't judge the outfit... I didn't bring a sweatshirt and so I borrowed one from my grandpa. 


  1. I love the fishing trip, good idea! -Steph :)

  2. Ahhh, fishing shows - what is it about those shows that suck you in, leaving you glued to the TV, and you have no idea why?! You would have made an AWESOME fisherwoman. I totally would have watched your show. :)