Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creme Cupcake Is Finally Here

I've been excited for Creme Cupcake to come into town for AGES.  I mean, months...  But anyway, they're about 2.2 blocks from my apartment, and totally worth the jaunt.

I went opening night with my coworkers Krystle and Brandon, but they weren't serving cupcakes anymore, just desserts.  We were on our break, so we left empty handed.

Then I went on a Saturday night with my friend Emily for dessert.  I got the lavender pavlova with lemon curd filling... Remind you of something? 
And then we split the savory cheesecake.  Pavlova- good, cheesecake- OUT OF CONTROL.  Prices- ouch...

I get that it's a place to get dessert on a fancy date night, but I just don't have that kind of cash.  I don't drop $60 on drinks every Friday night, I don't buy expensive things... If I did, it would be my dream shop, but I'm paying off debt and saving for a car... On this salary, $10 drinks paired with an $8 dessert just aint gonna happen.

BUT you know what IS gonna happen?  Cupcakes.  4-bite clouds of "what dreams are made of".

I went back this weekend during the day with Krystle to get some cupcakes, and they were delish.

Clockwise from the top, left we have: Fried Ice Cream, Cherry Cheesecake and Dirt Cake. 

The fried ice cream was SO good.  Moist, fluffy, ice cream-ish.  I wanted 6 more.

The Cherry Cheesecake was equally as good.  Super sweet and delicious with a cream cheesey frosting. 

And then there was the dirt cake...  After two amazing cupcakes, I was pumped for this over the top green frosted chocolate cupcake named for a pudding/cream cheese/whipped cream dream... And it fell a little flat.  It was really dry... That made the chocolate less appealing, the frosting didn't really "go".  It seemed like a gimmicky cupcake for a boy who likes gross things and neon green... Case in point, my boyfriend about lost it when he saw the gummy worm on top... 

I'm excited to see what other flavors they have to offer.  They had a bananas foster cupcake that I might try sometime soon.  I'm excited that they're just a hop, skip and a jump away!

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