Thursday, September 12, 2013

Team Cupcakes: Iowa State Cyclones

I'm pretty excited to share this recipe/idea!!  I'm a BIG Iowa State Cyclones fan, and they're playing the intra-state rivalry, the Iowa Hawkeyes this weekend.  I'm sure most of my friends will be watching the game from Ames, but my boyfriend and I will be watching it from Portland!  We didn't realize when we booked the trip that it was the same weekend as the big game, but we hunted down a great Iowa State-friendly bar in the area, so I'm excited to check it out!

My boyfriend needed some treats to bring to a tailgate party for the big Iowa State vs. Iowa game, so I offered to bake up some cupcakes in the best colors I know! CARDINAL AND GOLD!!! 

I fashioned these after some candy cane cupcakes my mom guest blogged about here back in December. 

I made two batches of batter.  One a red velvet and one a regular yellow butter cake recipe.  Using a cookie dough scoop, I scooped 3/4 of a scoop of yellow....

 Followed by a 3/4 scoop of red....

Followed by another 3/4 scoop of yellow.... and then another red!

I baked them up in the oven until a toothpick came out clean.

Don't they just look perfectly festive??  I'd say this was a touchdown! (Had to say it)

The frosting was a cream cheese frosting in yellow and red. Here's a little tip for frosting.  Always whip it for 5 minutes.  You can even do this with store bought frosting and it will make it way better.

Mine is a homemade cream cheese frosting... It's just as easy as whipping up a can of frosting, but 10 times better.

So I put the red in a pastry bag and flattened it out a bit, put it in another pastry bag with a star tip, snuck some yellow in there on the side, and got a half and half frosting swirl!


My boyfriend said they look like upside down Cyclones. 

The insides are perfectly striped.


You can make it in any color you want!  Except yellow and black... It just looks gross. ;)


  1. I fully expect to find you this weekend and DEVOUR one of these... Just saying.
    Perhaps at the Recster alum reunion? :)

    1. I'll be in Portland all weekend! BAH. I saw you got tickets and I was double sad. We booked the trip before we looked at the schedule. :(

      I sent them with Arnold to work anyways. They're a big hit.