Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Ways of Giving: Online Auction

My friend Ashley and her husband are adopting a baby, and they have held a few fundraisers to help them fund the adoption and trip.  I had been praying for an opportunity to help them out, knowing I didn’t have much monetarily to give, when they announced a hand-made auction before the holidays. 
My mom and I had a little bag/apron/handmade stuff business a few years ago that didn’t really take off, so we had a lot of stuff still sitting around, so I convinced my mom to grab a few bags and a few bottles of wine to donate to the auction. 
I also donated some cupcakes made to order.  

If you want to help…  a friend of Ashley is putting on an online Norwex party! It lasts until Friday.  Here are the details: 

I (Mindy) am hosting an online Norwex party from today until Friday of this week to bless Nate and Ashley Rippke! They are adopting a precious little boy, Solomon "N", from Ethiopia and are raising funds to get him home as soon as possible!! They have some immediate financial needs that need to be taken care of by the end of this month, so let's bless the socks of this sweet family AND get some amazing Norwex products in the process!!! 40% of ALL sales will go to the Rippke Family!! 40%!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, please, shop, shop, shop!!!!! http://www.norwex.biz/publicstore/event/255030/AM/default.aspx

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