Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Some Random Thoughts

I played pretty well at volleyball last night and one of my teammates said I was on fire! I told her I was on steroids... which I am (asthma) and we got a good laugh.  And then I realized I also ate almost an entire bag of spinach yesterday.  Call me Popeye!

From cartoonpapers.com

I always think of the best April Fools jokes a week after April Fools Day.

We went to see Captain America the other night, and I never buy it when they put all the makeup on people to make them look old.  This is 2014 and it still looks fake... However, they made the guy who played Capt. America look young and small, and I was SHOCKED. 

From fxguide.com

Seriously, through movie magic this guy looked 10 years younger and 100 lbs of muscle smaller.  I was blown away.  I yelled about it in the car later. 

March Madness was so much better in college when we set up a bunch of tvs in the basement of my friend's house. 

Check out my bf's podcast - Tweets Rhymes and Life.  He and Andrew know everything about everything.  It's crazy. 

I'm really good at singing in my car.  And it's one of my favorite things. 

My Fitness Pal thinks I burn 1300 calories doing 90 minutes of volleyball.  Seriously, I swear this thing thinks I sit on a couch all day and walking to the bathroom is the most exercise I get.  I end up with more calories left in the day than I started with...  Tone it down MFP.  I'm guessing more like 500-650... 

My favorite part of Captain America was the part after the extended credits, so stay longer than you think... there are two little clips after the movie. 

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  1. I need to get back on MFP and see how many calories are burned 'chasing a 2-year old'. Also, ever tried to find how many calories are burned while running with a stroller? There's not an option for that. There IS, however, and option for running with a WHEELCHAIR?!!