Friday, May 28, 2010

Foot Fetish

I'm starting off pretty tame, so if this is out of your comfort zone,
I suggest skipping this racy entry...

I've loved these for YEARS since the fashion industry started to play Picasso with shoe styles. However I picture myself standing up and circling my arms back... back... back... as I topple back onto the chair.

These little gems look like some sort of torture device. I remember twirling my pencil around on the ground in 2nd grade and trying to grab it before it fell only to stab myself and come up with a pencil sticking out of my palm. That's a little how I feel about these shoes...

This girl looks like she's having a TON of fun at this party, and she might just stop by a disco tech later tonight.
Lets get serious here, you have to be a ballerina to even balance on these bad boys and I dropped out of ballet at a young age when it was clear I couldn't even point my finger... That being said, I covet them, I lust for them and I want them bad...

Bing Bang BOOM! DANG! I love these shoes. This is Madonna sporting what I assume is some Chanel footwear... Do you need a permit to wear these?

This is a model from my own collection... Kidding. A shoe called the Mojito designed by an architect. I haven't had so much trouble figuring out which shoe goes on which foot since I was in preschool!
WARNING: Parents, send your kids out of the room... this is about to get frightening.

First of all, I'm not sure if those are walkers or WHAT with the crazy black tennis balls on the bottom of them... If you have to buy a 25 cent bouncy ball to stick to the bottom of your shoes so you don't slip and slide on stage trying to get to the pole, you have problems.
There's a reason she's sitting.

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