Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love this post tattoooooooo much

According to "New York Fashion" website, You can now purchase Chanel's own line of temporary tattoos. They're $75 for five sheets of 55 tattoos, but I'm expecting them to hit Canal Street pretty soon for $10

would you take $5?



How about $7.


Chanel models sported the edgy look in the Spring 2010 fashion show as well as models from the Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier runway shows. Recently Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing a temp tat bracelet, and SURPRISE! All of David Beckham's tattoos are fake Chanel tattoos too!
Just Kidding... But would we ever really know?

I ran to the dollar store over lunch to grab some of the body bling but this is all they had...
(For the record, I DON'T condone knock off designer stuff... It costs the fashion industry tons of money and they don't pay the workers very well for the work they do.)

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