Thursday, May 27, 2010

She Obsesses over Dresses...

This, my friend, is an adorable print on a perfect little dress. I can't even explain why it's so perfect! Just look at it. Yellow+Teal+Geometry+cute little neck line+cinched waist+not too short= Can someone get me a graphing calculator... TI-84 anyone?

This little number is a nod to Saturday mornings. Drawstring waist, feather grey... Can I sleep in this? Adorable accents at the waist band and I'm good to go. Love it with Chucks, Love it with gladiators, flip flops, heels, or barefoot eating quiche and drinking mimosas on my back porch. <3>

I love the casual gathering on the side of this gem. It kind of has the same look ask those t-shirts we (yes, we) wore in the 90's that we tied on the side to expose our midriff... BUT this doesn't expose belly buttons and its not gathered because it's ENORMOUSLY over sized, just comfortably skimming the curves. I also love the short sleeves. Not every event I go to do I feel comfortable bearing arms like the First Lady... I haven't done my bicep curls yet lady!

This dress KILLS me, I LOVE it. I love the way the stripes point to the illusion of a thin waist, I love the way the material looks like it keeps it's integrity when I'm feeling a bit plump in the center. I love the colors, I love the neckline... I just don't love that it costs like $400 at JCrew... RECESSION people... Jump on the "frugalista" bandwagon. gez.

It's a little tough to see, but I love the colors. Brown and yellow. I LOVE mustard yellow right now. Especially with muted neutrals like Grey and brown. Dude, Muted Neutrals is a SWEET band name. Anyway... The neckline has some detail that makes necklaces obsolete. Good for me because my necklaces are heavy duty and I start to sweat under the weight of them in the Iowa summer...

Me Gusta this little number. The watercolor thing is SO in right now and this dress is like someone wrapped up this little nugget of a model in some watercolor ribbon and sent her packing. The belt perfects it.

If only I could add a "happy little tree... riiiiiiight about here."

"Tommy Hilfiger Denim" Silk "Lizzie" Dress, "3.1 Philip Lim" Drawstring Dress-Summer 2010 collection, "Jones New York" Floral-Print Sheath Dress, "JCrew" Raj Stripe Dress, Embellished Two-Tone Dress at "", "JCrew" Garden Ribbon Shift Dress.

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