Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner Time: Angel Hair Pasta with Veggies

 I had a beautiful red pepper from my grandma's garden, so I decided to saute up some other veggies with chicken for a perfectly delicious, healthy meal. 
I put the pepper under the broiler and charred it on each side.  After the onion came out, I put it in a plastic bag and let it cool for a bit.  When you take it out of the bag, the charred, tough skin comes off easily and you're left with delicious slimy roasted red pepper.  Yummers!  
I put the chicken in a pan and cooked it through, and added a splash of olive oil to the veggies I had in my crisper.  (Onion and some broccoli)
 I threw it all together with some angel hair pasta and salt and pepper. 
The soft pepper and onion were enough of that wet texture to not need any sauce. 

And just as I was plating my dinner... I got a phone call from my friend.  Threw my dinner in a Tupperware and took off to the bar!  Yeah, I'm classy like that. 

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