Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Get Physical...

A recent report ranked Iowa as the 20th most obese state in the US.

I’ve always been a fan of physical fitness.  Especially competitive sports.  

We aren’t really sure where my love of all things sports came from.  My family loved to ride bikes, riding in RAGBRAI several times growing up, but other than a few beer-league softball teams, they weren’t really the “sit down and watch football” type. 

When I was old enough I started playing softball, volleyball and basketball competitively, playing on club and school teams of each sport.  

In college I worked at a gym and participated in as many intermural sports as I could, and after college continued to play sports and hit the gym for regular workouts.

This being said, I’ve never been a skinny-mini, opting rather for descriptive words that make me gag, like curvy and voluptuous.  (Seriously, did you hear me gag there?)

I’ve been on off and on “diets” where I write down everything that goes in my mouth, or swear off white bread and sugar…  But the one thing that always makes me feel like I’m “doing things right” is when I sweat.  

Recently I trained for RAGBRAI and loved the way it felt to go on a 2 hour bike ride before I even got my day started.  Now that the ride is over though, and the leaves are starting to drop, along with the temperatures, I find myself looking for another challenge.  Something that will make me feel like I’m contributing to the health of my state.

I haven’t pinpointed a specific training plan, or schedule.  But, this week, I’ve gone to the gym each day, (thanks for coining me a “gym rat” FourSquare! You made my day) and done something a little different each day.  And I must say, I’m hooked!  

Here’s my schedule:

Mondays: Ride the stationary for an hour and read magazines. (One of my favorite activities EVER) (I’m singlehandedly keeping print media afloat)

Tuesdays: Noon YOGA!  This is my absolute favorite workout.  Drew at the Downtown YMCA is the greatest yoga instructor I’ve ever had.  He makes it tough but attainable.  And everyone knows everyone… It’s like my Cheers.  

Tuesday Round Two: “2 workouts in one day? Are you crazy?!” You say?... Yes, I am.  But the second class was later in the evening, and I didn’t have any plans, so I went to Y Pump at the Downtown Y.  Butterfly presses, mountainclimbers…  No, it wasn’t put on by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources…  But I’ll tell you one thing… The blind, 200 pound, 60 year old lady in front of me was kicking my ass. 

Wednesdays: Attack with my dear friend Emily!  She teaches at a local gym and sneaks me in each Wednesday for her KILLER class.  5 minutes each of pushups and sit-ups interspersed between 40 minutes of cardio.  Kicking, punching, jumping, jacks, shuffles…  The list goes on…. For 50 minutes!  

Thursday: Y Fall Challenge.  A coworker who also goes to the Yoga class encouraged me to come to this class that basically consisted of massive amounts of pushups and squats with some jumping in-between.  

Thursday Round Two: Well… It was a 2 mile walk with my fitness friend Emily… And we got a beer half way through.  

Friday: I’m thinking another class or a round on the bike.  Maybe even a swim to soothe my aching muscles.  It’s still TBD, but I’ll find something, because I’ve renewed my desire for physical fitness and it feels GOOD!

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