Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Market

I know it's probably blasphemy to say this, but I like the fall Wednesday DSM Farmers Market WAY more than I like the Saturday morning Downtown Farmer's Market.

They just started it up a few weeks ago in hopes that yuppies would go down during their lunch break and snatch up some local produce. If all goes well, it might be a summer staple next year.

I like it for a few reasons.
1. There aren't as many people. The DTFM just gets too crowded, and 7 a.m. isn't exactly my finest hour as far as patience goes.
2. There were less "fake farmers". Less of those people who buy the same chile-grown limes and bananas that the local grocery stores buy. (really? limes and bananas in Iowa?) And more "yeah this is definitely from Iowa" produce.
3. It's not nearly as massive. It's comparable to the Ames farmers market (which I love). I can get through it and choose my produce without worrying I'll miss something or having to climb over some lady with a dog in a stroller to get to the 17th tomato stand.

I had taken out some cash-o-la to last me till payday, so I snatched up about $6 worth of perfect Iowa produce. 2 sweet potatoes, 1 giant onion, a little plump eggplant and my first squash of the fall.Don't worry, most of it's already gone...

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  1. I agree that I have a hard time with the DTFM. Too much carnival, too little farm-fresh feel. I actually like the *idea* of the farmers market much more than I like the reality. That's why I am such a fan of Wheatsfield: I can go there on a random Tuesday or even Saturday *afternoon* and there's real, Iowa food all organized and ready for me to purchase. And NO DOGS.