Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sushi Night

 Sushi night was a big success.  I had some girls I've met through my dear friend Emily and her workout classes.

When they showed up, they all said the same thing... You live in a SHADY apartment building!  And then when they got in my actual apartment they all agreed that it wasn't so bad.  Maybe even quaint. 
 I made the white puff-balls from some tissue paper I got at the dollar store, and those lanterns were from the dollar store too.  All in all, this banner cost me $4.
 I've been so excited to use my cart, and there just wasn't enough room on the rolling table for plates and utensils.  Perfect! 
 Emily picked up some sushi-grade tuna from Gateway Market that just melted in your mouth! A fancy change from my usual cheap-as-dirt veggi/crab homemade sushi rolls.
Notice her shirt says, "got food?"  We definitely had food.  Lots and lots of it.  We all recovered with a sushi coma siesta. 
I've had a few folks interested in attending a future fiesta, so I'll definitely be holding another event. 

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  1. Wait a sec..."girls"? I seem to remember the boy:girl ratio being