Thursday, November 24, 2011

THE Apple Pie

So, I found this awesometastic idea on Pinterest... And I HAD to try it.  I usually make my own pie crust, but what with Market Day just 2 days away, I decided to get a pre-made pie crust to whip this crust out in no time.
I just took the crust and spread cinnamon and sugar all over it and then rolled it up like a cinnamon roll.
Cut the log into THIN rolls and placed them on my pie pan.  I kinda pressed them down to fill in the holes between each roll. 
 The pie was just a simple apple pie with a crumb crust.  mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
 My dad thanked me for making him an apple pie.  Yeah, right... it's for you... 
 Perfect with a dollop of whipped cream!
The apple part of this pie wasn't half bad either. 

Happy Thanksgiving!