Friday, November 11, 2011

In a Baking Mood.

I got the baking bug today, so I picked up some ingredients on my shopping trip today and got busy.

I always need something quick for breakfast on those days that I wake up at 11:30 for my 12:10 spin class...  It might seem like I have all kinds of time, but I have to get there by 11:45 if I want to get into the lot. (Which I think is ridiculous... Also what's ridiculous-- That I have to pay 50 friggen cents to get OUT of the parking lot.  What a sham.)

Anyway, I had some black bananas in the freezer so I mixed up some breakfast banana oatmeal muffins that I got from Madison at Espresso and Cream. 

Madison is amazing.  I want to be like her when I grow up.  Even though I think she's younger than me... 

Anyway.  The muffins are amazing and I'm waiting on my poppyseed bundt now.  Post to follow.

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