Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pesto Pizza

I found this idea on and I put my own little twist on it. 

I found a simple focaccia recipe here and mixed it up in the morning and let it grow all day. 

Half of the recipe got cut into buns because I'm working on a blackened chicken sandwich that my friend LOVES at the Continental here in Des Moines and it has a focaccia bun. 

The other half got flattened out on my pizza stone and covered in goodies. 

Instead of buying a jar of pesto, I bought a packet.  I remember my mom having these pesto packets at home all the time and I HATED them.  And now that I've actually tasted it (weird) I love it. 

I would have obviously rather made fresh pesto from basil and pine nuts, however, I was on a tight budget and I figured the pesto wouldn't exactly be the star of this pizza... It was more like a collection of semi-famous stars equaling a yummy pizza. 

The pesto was spread over my dough and then I put sliced roma tomatoes over that.  The yummy mozzarella cheese (okay, maybe the star) covered that and I baked it till the edges were brown and the cheese looked sufficiently toasted. 

I loved this pizza when it first came out of the oven, but it's not a killer left-over.  Pizza usually isn't my favorite next-day lunch.  And if I do it again I might just skip the tomatoes.  November tomatoes leave much to be desired. 

This was 100 times better than frozen fare, but not quite as good as Gusto.  mmm. 

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  1. You hated those packets? I didn't know that. But they were (yes) cheap and (just as important) fast and easy. And they last in the cupboard as long as pasta. The pizza looks amazing. I'll take the leftovers!