Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Ways of Giving: Adopt-a-Family

Project number two was quite an undertaking.  I found out that the Boys and Girls Club still had 30 families who needed to be “adopted”.  Basically, you buy them what’s on their wish list (usually coats and clothes) and drop it off before Christmas.  Little did I know that I had about 4 days to get this all done.  The last drop-off date was Friday!
I’ve done something similar called the Angel Tree where you chose one person and buy a few things on their list.  But this was WAY bigger.  I had a family of 5 to provide for.  So I called on my friends and family for a little help. 

The mother asked for a casual coat and a winter sweater.  The father asked for a coat and socks.  The 8 year old boy asked for a winter coat and a car toy.  The 3 year old girl asked for a baby doll and a table and chair set.  The family had another baby girl due this week! So they asked for a snow suit and some baby clothes for her. 

I asked around and finally found a table and chairs set on Craigslist for $15! I tried to guilt the rich lady who sold it to me to hand it off for free… but she wasn’t getting it. 

What a perfect table and chair set for a 3-year-old!
Along with what they asked for, I added a gift for each parent.  My parents got them a purse and some gloves.  For the kids, I found some cute long sleeved shirts that would make them the most adorable kiddos at the B&G Club. 

Just a few of the things we gave the family
I had enough money left over to get them a gift card to Dahls!
Huge thanks to everyone who helped with this project, including my parents, grandparents, Autumn and Megan.  And thanks to Amber who drove me out to the rich lady’s house to get that table and chairs!
I love that this project has sparked some conversation with other people around me about what the holidays are really about and what we can do, whether it be with our time or our money, to help out those who are less fortunate. 

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  1. We are proud to be a part of this. We had a ton of fun, too.