Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Ways of Giving: Middle School Concert

My 12 ways of giving started at Merrill Middle School just down Grand.  My friend is a talented music teacher and her students were having a concert.  She had asked WEEKS ago if I would help.  And I obliged (Even though I hadn’t yet committed to doing 12 acts of kindness). 

Around noon I got a desperate text from my friend asking me to pick up a few necessities she was missing.  I swung by Walgreens and happily secured the items she needed and dropped them off at the front office for “Mrs. Copic”. (How adult!)

Later that night, I arrived an hour before the concert and started to “decorate” the cafeteria where the cookie pot luck would be after the show.  I say “decorate” because I taped up 30 snowflakes I had made from some recycled paper… Not exactly my finest interior decorating hour. 

Once the show started, I sat front and center and taped the whole concert.  The kids were pretty cute.  I remember being that age and doing those concerts…  I had no business being in choir. 

The grand finale was a little number by the show choir complete with comedy commentary.  “I know you’re thinking, why would ANYBODY want to spend more time with Mrs. Copic than we HAVE TO.” 
I wouldn’t say this was the largest gesture of giving, but it was something my friend was relying on me to do, and I’d like to hope it gave her a sense of relief knowing she had an extra pair of hands (and eyes) if she needed them.  
I've been working on a BIG "way of giving" all week. Blog coming tomorrow! 

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  1. You were great in choir! I don't know what you're talking about.

    (Love, Mom)