Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Ways of Giving: Email an Old Friend

I have been thinking about my friends back in New Orleans quite a bit lately.  I keep up with a few of them on Facebook, but some of the older folks don't use social media as much as some of the others... 
I got on my little lap top and sent an email to my old boss in New Orleans today.  Donovan was the one who rallied to get me from Chicago down to NOLA, and when I called him last year to tell him I wasn't coming back for the season, he was understanding and encouraging. 
I haven't talked to him since last year around this time, so I just sent him a little email.  Didn't talk me long, but it keeps the lines of communication open with a friend I could have easily lost forever.  That's more a gift to me than anything. 

Just a few more days 'till Christmas, and I have a lot of giving left to do and an empty bank account.  I'm excited to see what I come up with! 

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