Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Ways of Giving: A Letter

I wrote a letter to a soldier today. 

I've always wanted to write one, but I never knew who to send it to.  Until last week. 
We did a story on a woman who was dressed as an angel in the skywalks of Des Moines asking people to send a Christmas card to her soldier son overseas. (click here for the story) (yeah... that's a shameless whotv.com plug)

I wouldn't have had the guts if I wasn't doing this project (and beginning to get desperate for things to do).  But it took me more time to write this blog than it did to pen a thank-you card.  Thank you for everything you do in the military!

I wrote about my project, I wrote a little about my job, I wrote about the unseasonably warm weather.  Just filled up both sides of a thank-you card. 

It was easy and pretty painless.  Now I just have to figure out how many stamps I need... 

UPDATE: I guess something labeled APO AE just goes to NY before being sent overseas! So I just need a stamp.

While I was looking for the postage info, I found this website: http://anysoldier.com/ It's a little cheesy... but there's a list of soldiers and what they would want in a care-package! I'm ABSOLUTELY going to send a package once Christmas is over and I have a little spending cash. 

One thing that made me smile is that the soldier I spied on wants strawberry and cream oatmeal.  :)
Can't wait to send a package!!! 

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