Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Ways of Giving: Starbucks with a Shot of Honesty

Not all of my "giving" is for the less fortunate this holiday season.  My recent "gift" was to some average joe (see what I did there?) in the drive-through line after me at Starbucks. 
I'm sure he could afford coffee... or else he probably wouldn't be in line for it.  But that's not what a "gift" always is.  Especially during Christmas.  For most of us, giving gifts during Christmas means giving something that someone doesn't need, but they might enjoy. 
I figured the guy behind me might like some free coffee.  So I told the lady to ring up the guy behind me too. 
Then I drove away like a crazy person, afraid he was going to find me and think I was hitting on him...

This project was never intended to illicit praises... But I find myself wanting people to notice, and wondering in what ways I'll be "paid back".  I say this because I feel like I'm supposed to do this out of the kindness of my heart... And that's what my intentions are! But I have to fight the desire to be "paid back" in some way.  If anything, I hope that giving will become second nature to me.  It will be come so normal that I won't think twice if I don't get a "good job" from anyone.
Just wanted to send out a little honesty. 

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