Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yoga Retribution

So, if you read my blog regularly, or follow my tweets, or just happen to catch me on a Tuesday, you know that I've had a love-hate relationship with Yoga at the Y. 
I LOVE it.  Don't get me wrong.  Drew, the usual instructor is AWESOME and his noon class is always packed to the brim. 
However, the other instructor, who will remain nameless, just doesn't have that same je ne sais quoi...
The first time I took her class (a year ago!), she came to me after and said, I noticed you don't quite have the balance down yet.  Keep working on that!
Now I know what you're thinking, it was your first time at that class! You would only get better with time!
I know this, but I felt awesome after that class and I felt like I had really held up my end of the namaste bargain.  I really felt like the divine light within me was recognizing and affirming the divine light within her! But her divine light went ahead and blew my freshly lit light out with that little comment. 
Well, the same lady came in and taught class today in Drew's absense.  And I almost got up and left when I heard... (I wouldn't have been the only one! Two women said they were just going to go workout on a machine... Yikers.)
But I waited it out, and I gave her another chance, and afterwards she came up, and I was holding my breath, because I hadn't done that great with the balance poses, and my arms had gotten pretty tired during one of the extended planks and I dropped down to child's pose...
But she addressed another girl and myself and said, "You two girls are really getting good! I can tell you've been working hard at this. You've improved quite a bit!"
WHOA WHAT?! ME?! GOOD AT YOGA?! Dang right, lady!
The divine light within me is shining bright after that class.  Namaste. 

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