Monday, January 2, 2012

Rediculous Resolutions

My New Years resolution for 2011 was to finish a sprint triathlon.  Well... let me tell you how that went.

I trained like a mad woman.  I was in the pool so often that one of the ladies mentioned it just last week.  I RAN.  I hate running... but I was running more than I ever had.  I was two weeks away from my triathlon and I got mono.  Not just mono... In-the-hospital mono. 

I was weak and lost most of my training... So I walked into the check-in and took my swag and left.  It was a sad day.  My friend brought me to Tasty Taco to make me feel better.  It helped.

This year, I'm hesitant to set any resolutions.  I usually resolve to make good decisions weekly, if not daily.  I haven't decided if I want to tackle a tri again... and I haven't recovered from my traumatic RAGBRAI experience quite yet.  And a whole year seems so daunting, if not easy to procrastinate.

So my resolutions for this year are monthly.  I will: 
-Try a new workout every month
-Give a little something every month
-Learn about something or someone new every month
-Pay off my debt (by paying a little each month.) 

I was in the best shape of my life last summer.  And I hope to mimic that this year with daily decisions to eat right and workout like I'm training for something.  

P.S. Check out the new trails map by Des Moines Bike Collective:

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