Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Food Processor... Cashew Butter and Banana Ice Cream

I got a new food processor with my sweet Target gift card! (Thanks Danielle)

So tonight I was leaving work and I had 3 choices:
1. Random box of cheesecake in the work fridge that I'm pretty sure was for someone's birthday
2. Shamrock Shake
3. Make stuff with my food processor.

I chose the cheesecake.  obvi.  So I opened the fridge and it was GONE!  UGH.

So I started to drive toward my apartment.  I didn't choose to turn into my driveway until I was RIGHT in front of my place.  Alas... I knew a shamrock shake would upset my tummy right before bed.  I still haven't had one this year!

It took about 20 minutes to figure the dang thing out.  But when I finally did... oh buddy!

I started with some simple cashew butter.
2 cups cashews
2-3 T vegi oil
a squeeze or two of the honey bear

Processed it all up and look how delicious it is!  Yum.

Then I moved on an Iowa Girl Eats recipe: One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Guess what the ingredient is...



I'm not a huge fan of this recipe. 
I felt like maybe the bananas were in the freezer for too long... but then I realized I just don't like bananas.


  1. Bananas are my favorite. And Banana ice cream, I can't ever resist. You could have always called me. ;)

  2. You know, it's a sin to NOT have had a Shamrock Shake by now... Just sayin' :) P.S. The cashew butter looks fab!

  3. I had one! Finally. I went and got it with a salad on Sunday. They looked at me a little strange when I got a shake with a salad, kinda like getting a diet coke with a super sized meal.