Monday, May 21, 2012

Local! It says it right on the door!

Nom nom nom.  Loving all this local food.  

For breakfast I had some scrambled eggs and some leftover french toast.  I needed a big breakfast for the adventure that Stephanie and I were going to go on! 

We drove down to Saylorville and went on a HIKE. 

That was not her walking stick
Yes a hike.  

It was rough terrain.  

We traversed the rough terrain with our walking sticks in hand.  

Found some gems...  Ew! There were dead fish all over the place.

On to food...  I had a quick kitchen sink salad just like the one from yesterday.  

Dinner was on-the-go.  I got a lot of flack from some friends for my dinner today... I went to Z'Mariks in West Des Moines. I know it's locally owned because my friend Tess's friend owns it! 

PLUS it says it right on the front door!  Locally owned and operated.

And it was Mac and Cheese Monday.  Yum.  Large mac and cheese for the price of a small.  

I was planning on bringing half home...  


  1. i love ya, and you can eat what ever you want, i certainly think you are entitled to deviate hear and there, but locally owned doesn't necessarily mean local food at all...

  2. gah, i accidentally posted that instead of starting a new line. anywhoo also wanted to say that I am impressed with your variety already!!! if this was my challenge, i feel like i would end up eating the same four things over and over

  3. I guess my point is that I'm not going all animal vegetable miracle for this challenge. I'm not living in a place where I can have a garden. I want to prove this is accessible to a 27 year-old living in Downtown DSM. I'm including local restaurants that I'm fully aware don't bake their bread with iowa flour and obviously don't make their own noodles. But it's still local. I'm following the "Eat Fresh Eat Local" mentality.

  4. Mad props on your ambition to eat local. Now, can you go ahead and ship some of that mac n cheese my way??

  5. It was AWESOME. It had onions and roasted garlic... mmmmmm