Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Unexpected Perk to Eating Local

I'm learning a lot and getting excited for the new seasonal produce.  I hope you guys are having fun reading about my journey!

I don't have much to say today.  It's the day before I start my second shopping adventure (aka payday).  On the grocery list for the next few weeks is whole milk, heavy cream, buttermilk and cheese cloth.  I'm going to make some fresh and delicious Ricotta cheese!

Next week I have tentative plans to go fishing with my grandpa.  I'll definitely blog that experience.  Hopefully lots of big ol' fish pictures. 

I'm also going to the Strawberry Patch to pick my own berries.  It's really the cheapest way to get fresh berries because you don't have to pay for the hands that pick the berries and the truck that hauls them to you.  No middle MEN. 

As a kind of afterthought... but obviously worth mentioning... I've lost 3 1/2 pounds this week! I'm not on a diet by any means. I eat whenever I'm hungry.  But I've made a huge cut in white flour and sugar just by the nature of "what's grown in Iowa".  I haven't eaten anything with mystery ingredients...

I think of myself as a fairly healthy eater in general, but I think those little "treats" build up without us even noticing.  A handful of peanut M&Ms, whatever someone brought into the newsroom with the hopes we'll mention their company on-air, a granola bar when I'm bored, protein powder because I think I worked out like a badass...  It all has crazy weird ingredients to keep it shelf-stable and I'm very pleased to be purging it from my body. 

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