Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eating Local in Omaha! Must-See Restaurants.

I took a mini vacation to Council Bluffs/Omaha with my dearest friend Elizabeth.  She has been one of my biggest "eating local" cheerleaders during this project, and she scouted out some PRIME restaurants for us to hit up. 

The first was Ted & Wally's Premium Homemade Ice Cream.  They had the ice cream spinning as you walked in.  And some flavors to knock your socks off. 

The outside looked like an old body shop...

I gave the coffee baklava a shot, and it was AWESOME.  I'm not a big fan of a strong coffee taste, but I LOVE baklava, so I asked for a taste and the guy totally sold it to me with a HUGE chunk of flaky, sweet baklava dripping in the mild coffee cool stuff. 

After tasting it, I immediately wondered if I could pull it off in my own little ice cream maker at home.  We always make vanilla, and it never fails to knock my socks off, but what other crazy, creative concoctions could I conjure up?

As Elizabeth pointed out, I always find a bike to snap a picture of.  I just think their shapes are fascinating.

I would get along swimmingly with the American Pickers guys!

photo from
For brunch on our last day, we stopped in a place that's been on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives! It's called Dixie Quicks, and they were FRIENDLY.  Slightly overwhelmingly friendly.  Our server, John, wanted to stand between me and the giant chalkboard menu and tell me what was on it.  "Have you had chilequiles?" UM, DUH! Now get out of the way, you're standing between me and food.

But the atmosphere was SO fun and there was SO MUCH to look at.   (I really loved John, and bless his heart for being so excited about their food.  He's probably one of their best employees)

I had the chilequiles...  As my dad would say, they spoke to me.... And John showered me with praise for asking about them...  I'm a glutton for affirmation.

Almost everyone else got the Sexual Chocolate french toast (Chocolate sauce, walnuts, bananas and whipped cream). 

I tasted Elizabeth's.  It was good, but I was happier with my chilequiles, especially considering the sheer amount of chocolate both Elizabeth's mom's dogs and I consumed... (they dug through my luggage and found the brownies I had gotten at the farmers market as a treat for the road... and ate them all... So Elizabeth and I went to a candy store to restock)  Don't judge me.  It was vacation. 

I had so much fun and I can't wait to share my zoo pictures with you all.  Elizabeth's family was SO generous and sweet.  I can't thank them enough for welcoming me like one of their own.  And a HUGE thank you to Elizabeth's parents for owning a hot tub.... That thing was AWESOME.   


  1. Gah! So jealous of your Omaha trip. I love Omaha. I love the Old Market. And, I have an unhealthy love for that ice cream shop.

    1. I know! You're the second person who's said that.

  2. I LOVE OMAHA. And isn't chocolate bad for dogs?

    1. I guess just dark chocolate is bad for them. That's what my friend's mom said. They were very hyper though...