Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm not good at

I've been struggling through 1.2 miles 3-4 times a week for a few weeks now...  (I'll wait while you get a calculator) And I'm not getting anywhere.  I cut about a minute off my run everytime, but I don't run any further.  I need to get to 3.2 miles by October! 

Anyway, all this time running has me thinking about what else I can't do...  Not to be all Negative Nancy on you or anything... These aren't depressing, don't worry. 

#1) I can't run.  I'm slow, I shuffle, I look like... well... this--

#2) Steak.  I can't make a steak to save my life.  It's always overcooked and tough and it shrinks into a little steak nugget. 

#3) I can't keep my apartment clean.  I try, really... but I always come home from work and wonder who put all this stuff around my place... 

#4) I can't take pictures...  Lighting is not my forte, and all my photos are taken from my phone because my digital camera broke a few years ago. 

But, my mom's buying me a new camera for Christmas and she's getting me some adult ed photography classes to go with it! woot!

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