Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bacon, Guac and Caramelized Onion Burger

Happy Football Sunday!  Every Thursday, Sunday and Mondays during the fall are holidays for me.  I'm always hungry for some good tailgate food and a little bit of indulgence when I watch football.  So today I broiled up a burger and fries and stuffed my face, paleo style. 

Loaded burger and fried plantains

I seasoned and broiled a 1/4 lb 80% ground beef patty.  (it was on sale) (also, with less carbs, I can eat the flavorful meat and not worry about it) while I worked on the toppings for my burger. 
-caramelized oniones

Now, a plantain is "ripe" when it's almost black.  The one I got was literally within HOURS of being too ripe.  Slice it up and throw it in the pan. 

Brown each side, and then take them out and give them a smash.  I use the bottom of a coffee cup. 
The smashed 'nanas go back in the pan for another round of crisping. 

They're sweet and a little tangy.  They have all the best flavors of a banana and lack all the nasty flavors. (I don't love bananas.)

I like them with a mix of mayo and ketchup, but, alas, I don't have any Whole Life Challenge-friendly mayo or ketchup in my fridge. 

Either way, perfect for game day.  Now, if only my team could win one!

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  1. oh man... i love me some tostones, but i can't handle ripe plantains! green all the way for me! btw, skinny taste has a great baked tostone recipe!