Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Shuffled 5K Today!

Oy, I'm a little sore today already!

I have been running, training for the Color Run, and I was sorta stuck at 2 miles.  Both physically and mentally.  I'd been doing the Gray's Lake loop, it's 1.9 miles, but I round up, okay? okay.

I've been trying everything.  I got breathing tips from a coworker:
1. Open your throat and breathe in and out through both your nose AND your mouth.  (This worked!)
2. Pick a foot and inhale and exhale every time that foot strikes the ground.  (I felt like I was hyperventilating)

I've been listening to "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" instead of the motivational rap/pop I had been listening to... (For some reason when I'm running and listening to rap & pop, I picture myself booty dancing. Anyone else do that?)  The podcast makes me laugh, and I'm not thinking about how worn out I am from all that booty dancing... ahem, running. 

I've tried to run clockwise, counterclockwise, speed up between every other light pole, picture myself crossing the finish line, picturing myself as an olympic marathoner, wear sleeveless shirts, wear shorts, wear pants, thin socks, thick socks, no underwear... (kidding)

Nothing was working, I was stuck at 2 miles.

Until today!

Want to know the trick?

Do you really?

Are you sure?????


I went on a jaunt with my friend Emily, (@emilysparkles) (I knew we would be friends when her twitter handle had the word "sparkle" in it.) and we started a bit fast... I think it was my fault.  I was worried I was too slow.  So we took an asthma break (she said it's even cooler that I'm running and I have asthma, so there "one-mile run that I could never finish in middle school"... SO THERE). But it was just a short one, and we got back to it and made it all the way around.

And then I walked her about 1/2 a mile back to her path home...

And then it happened.

I started to run again.

And then I got tired.


It was that simple.  I just resolved to keep running when I felt tired.  I did a quick bod-scan.  My breathing was okay, I wasn't struggling, my legs were tired, but they've been tired before, so I just decided to keep running.  I decided to run to the bridge, and then I decided to run to the end of the bridge, and then I decided to run to the top of the hill, and then I was basically back at my car, so I JUST KEPT RUNNING.  I kept thinking to myself, I can't wait to tell everyone I basically ran 4 miles. 

Really, in all, I ran a little more than 5K and walked the rest.  But I feel like I'm in the club! I'm a runner! I can read Runner's Magazine without judging glares from the cover model,  I can discuss gait and post run snacks.  I've made it.  I've arrived.

I'm excited to take a day off tomorrow (lifting! woot!) And get back on the trail on Friday.  Gonna push the whole 4 miles.  I'm gonna start off slow. 

I know you just pictured yourself booty dancing.


  1. I am shaking my booty in celebration of your big win today!! No, seriously, I'm like wiggling & jiggling with excitement. This is a landmark! I'm glad to have been a part of it:)

    P.S. You ARE extra awesome for punching asthma in the face as you run right on by it!

  2. Oh my goodness! Congrats lady! You did it! :) I will have to steal all of your secrets so I too can make it! (I did 2.85 today.. running the first 2.5) But oh to "make it" like you! Very inspiring post girl!

  3. Yay! The Color Run will be a breeze! Way to go!!