Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Political Opinion... Use Discretion When Reading

In college, the ministry I was a part of worked so hard to teach respect of President Bush because he was our President...

Now that the tables are turned and a democratic president is in office, I'm disappointed at the lack of respect for the office.

I feel duped. Maybe I was wrong, maybe we were respecting Bush for different reasons... Maybe we respected him for the lowered price of gas, the bettered economy, the time of peace we lived in...

Or were we embarrassed? Embarrassed that people would poke fun at the way he spoke, the way the media portrayed his lack of intelligence.  Alas, he was the representation of the conservative christian vote.... And his views matched our views most closely.

Did we preach respect for our own sake??? If we in fact did, I'm ashamed. 

I'm an undecided voter. Although a christian, I am not a devoted Republican, in fact, most of my views are much closer to liberal.  I'm not a hardcore Obama supporter, I'm actually disappointed that he couldn't get Congress to work together as a single entity to accomplish anything at all that would positively affect the troubled economy in the last four years.

But I do respect President Obama, because he is our elected leader.  Like it or not, as Christians, we believe that God has ordained the last four years, he has planned the past, present and future of America.

Whomever is voted the next president, and the president after that, I will respect him or her. I won't post negative stories about the first family on social media, I won't poke fun at their stage presence...  I just won't.  I will, and am, studying their plans for the economy, women's issues and education.  I will pray about my vote, and I will do what God is leading me to do, and for now, that doesn't include posting disrespectful stories on Facebook or using my position with the church as a talking head for my opinions.

What God is leading you to do might be different.  Just make sure that's what he's leading you to do.

If you feel strongly about a certain candidate, here's my personal plea; Tell me why you ARE voting for this person.   If I wanted a negative presidential ad, I would turn on the TV.

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  1. AMEN! Best political opinion I've read/seen/heard in the last.... whelp, forever.