Monday, March 31, 2014

Gender Reveal Cake

I am so excited about this post! I had the amazing honor of baking a cake filled with the color corresponding to not one, but TWO babies in my friend's belly.  That's right, she is having TWINNERS!!!  I can hardly handle it because the one baby she already has is SO DANG CUTE.  He is incredibly smart, has big brown eyes and yesterday he snuggled me for at least 10 seconds. 

So when I showed up at her house to get the ultrasound and she said to me, "I get some sick pleasure out of this... but Josh says I should tell you..." I knew.  I just knew there were two! Two little pieces of paper, and two amazing miracles on the way in just a few short months.  Safe to say, I'm excited. 

Five of my college friends are pregnant right now,  I feel like that's a staggering amount.  I feel like my friends are all like, going to garage sales to pick out baby clothes, and deciding what to name their newborns, and I'm all like, going to garage sales to pick out sharp objects to decorate my apartment and deciding what to name my newest rum drink...  I'm not complaining.  I like babies, but I also like giving them back when they smell or start crying. 

Back to the cake...  It was a vanilla cake with yellow vanilla frosting... and either pink, blue, or pink and blue on the inside!  I'll let you guess. 

The icing technique I used was one I've used before.  It's a sideways teardrop layered look, and it takes a long time to do, but it's really easy! 

I start with four dots slightly smaller than a quarter, stacked.  I used alternating tints of yellow in a diagonal pattern. 

Then I flattened the right side of the dots out with a spoon, and stacked another round of dots to the right.

Continuing around the cake. 

It created a beautiful looking finished product! 

And the parents were pretty excited to cut in to reveal..... 


Congrats Elizabeth and Josh!  I can't wait to meet them.

**If you know Elizabeth and Josh and want to tell them congrats, make sure to do it through a private message, not on their facebook walls.  Or better yet, just send them a friendly text!**

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  1. Twins?! Oh my gosh, they're saints. Especially if they already have one.
    And, let's just talk about how amazing your cake looks!!!

    1. Thanks girly, it was so fun to make!

  2. ahhhh yeah! elizabeth had told me she didn't think you knew yet that it was twins! wahoo isn't it crazy exciting. I could just smash those little buggers!