Monday, April 21, 2014

Sparkle Cupcakes and a Chloe and Isabel Party

I had a fun Chloe + Isabel party last week, and I was dead set on decorating my cupcakes with a certain colorful sprinkle...

But I went to the store and they didn't have any! They had 16 different shapes and sizes, but none of the little colorful ball sprinkles I envisioned.

So right before I stomped off in a huff and threw a temper tantrum (sometimes I feel like it) I spotted the perfect alternative.  It wasn't even the perfect alternative, it's what I should have been looking for in the beginning had I known it existed! It was the princess of all sprinkles.  Silver and gold.

EEK! This stuff was amazing and pretty and tasty (just big sugar crystals) and everyone was blown away.  Someone in the elevator even commented on how pretty they were.  

And to make the final product, I just used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe, my usual buttercream-ish frosting (recipe below) and the sparkles.  I pipped a ball of frosting on each cupcake and then smashed them upside-down into a bowl of sprinkles.  They were the perfect touch to my jewelry party.

Buttercream Frosting
1/2 cup Unsalted Butter
1/2 cup Crisco
1/2 bag of Powdered Sugar
1 T Vanilla Bean Paste
3-4 T Cream

Whip together the butter and Crisco in a stand mixer.  Add the powdered sugar a little at a time (unless you want to wear it).  Add the vanilla bean paste and slowly add in the cream until it's slightly harder than the texture you want it.  And then whip it, whip it good.  Whip it for 2 minutes! Set the timer.  It should go from an off-white color to an almost bright white color.  It should be spreadable.  If it's still pretty thick, add some more cream and whip it a little more.  This is enough frosting for 3-dozen regular-sized cupcakes or a full 2-layer 9" cake.

The party I'm talking about was held at the amazing, shiny, new offices of Happy Medium.  Thanks to my friend Katie for letting me use the space.  It was perfect and fun.

If you're interested in having a party, just let me know! there are some amazing perks to being a host, including FREE JEWELRY!  And I'll bring a dozen cupcakes to your party!

I've noticed that some people run the other way when they hear me say I've started to sell jewelry like Tupperware parties... but I've always been a big fan of parties like this for the free stuff and the excuse to have my girlfriends over.  At this place in my life I find that to spend time with my girls, it has to be planned and structured, or else it gets overshadowed by something else.

The jewelry speaks for itself.  Hypo-allergenic and nickel free.  My boss actually said her ear had been bothering her in other earrings for weeks, and she wore some C+I earrings the other day, and they didn't hurt at all.  I think she wore them for two days in a row!  I can't blame her, I've been wearing the same few pieces for a week now... It's just my favorite stuff!

Last Friday they announced Friends and Family week, going on for another few days, if you're thinking of getting something on my site, GET IT NOW! 25% off orders of $100+! The code is SPRFF25.  Just check out my website HERE! Mother's day is just around the corner, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a little online shopping.  mwa haha.

Thanks to all my ladies (and my man) for coming to my party!  You know I love to show off my sweets and treats, so stay tuned for another few recipes this week from my C+I party.

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