Friday, September 30, 2011

Bobby Flay's Corn and Wild Rice Pancakes

 I was searching for a side for my Salmon.  I searched wild rice and came across Last Call for Corn's blog posting of Bobby Flay's Corn and Wild Rice Pancakes.  I had everything I needed but milk... So I ran to Dahls and got some milk.  
The batter is mostly like a regular pancake batter without sugar and with just a squeeze of the honey bear.  
Add in some herbs, roasted corn and cooked wild rice.  
Bake them up just like pancakes.  (In a non-stick pan... I learned that the hard way)  They're perfect with my salt and pepper salmon.  The pancakes only need a little pat of butter since they're so flavorful.  
MMM, look at that corn and the chives!  
 For the full recipe, check out Last Call for Corn

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