Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favs: Interwebs edition.

I nearly forgot about Friday Favs...  Again, it's not my Friday, so it's easy to forget. 
So here are a few of my favorite things!  Interwebs edition.  

Favorite Social Media:


Not sure if you're into Pinterest, but it basically brings the "best of" the interwebs and organizes it into thumbnails.  It's a feast for sore eyes, and after 8 hours of politics, weather and crime, I'm ready for some DIY, desserts and fancy dresses. 

Favorite Wedding Blog:
Style Me Pretty

Amazing (and quite a few DIY) weddings with whimsical colors and crazy-awesome photography.  I've planned my wedding 10 times over.  And everytime I get hooked on this blog I have dreams of becoming a wedding planner. 

Fav Street Photog:
The Sartorialist

He takes photos of people he sees on the street wherever he goes.  He's a professional style photographer, so he's all over the world, but mostly in NYC.  The styles are often outrageous, but a lot of the time it gives me a little motivation to up my game. 

Fav Local Blogger
Iowa Girl Eats!  

She is just an Iowa girl just like me making yummy food and hanging out with her stinkin' adorable hubby!  Not a chef, but dang, this girl makes some mouthwatering fare.  

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