Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trip to Chicago

I took a Friday off and went on a long weekend to Chicago to visit my besties. 

I lived in Chicago for two years and I have some of the best memories of that city.  And I am SO lucky that I got to see Kaysie, Heather, Dave, Emily, Andy and AMARA!  Pretty much an awesome vacation. 

I didn't take as many pics as I should have... I just get distracted. 
Here are a few of them:
 Kitsch'n is a GREAT retro restaurant with AWESOME decor. 
 Glad that's not plugged in...
 These two little gems took me on a walk Wednesday...  Jemma and Elsa! My favorite doggies ever.  Doesn't Jemma look like a statue? I can't help buy laugh at her posing for the pic...
 My little love, Amara.  She wanted to wear my jacket... 
And this is for Desirée... You thought I wouldn't do it?! Full wheel baby! On Thanksgiving. 

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  1. Amara looks like a little tiny Andy with bangs. And somehow still very little-girly.