Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eating Local Day 1

Today is the kickoff for my eating local adventure! Hazzah!!!

I started the morning with some Kalona SuperNatural Vanilla Yogurt.  The aftertaste took some getting used to... I wish I would have had a little granola to put on the top or even some fruit, but for now I'm stuck with veggies in my CSA (It's not all bad... read on).

Before the gym, I whipped up some homemade pasta.  Top to bottom this took me 33 minutes.  SO simple.

I mixed 2 cups of flour with 3 eggs and 1/2 t salt.  (Salt is one of my freebies, but the rest were local.)

I kneaded it in my Kitchen-aid and rolled it out in my handy-dandy pasta roller.  Thin, thinner and thinnest, and then into strips. This was EASY.  And it gave me 3-4 servings of pasta! 

For lunch I put a local chicken breast in the oven covered with some Russ and Frank's Sassy BBQ sauce.  This stuff is DIVINE.  My mom turned me onto the stuff, it's my new favorite BBQ sauce.  More on that sometime soon.  I'll have to make a meal centered around this stuff.

I threw some of the dried pasta in water for less time than you might think.  Just a flash!

I sauteed some spring garlic and kale from my Cleverley Farms CSA (@dirtfarmerlarry) and tossed it with some chopped BBQ chicken and my pasta and then topped it with some Milton Creamery Swiss cheese from the Cheese Shop.  Baked for a flash to melt the cheese... mmmm.

Dinner was the Chimichizza from local restaurant Gusto Pizza.  It's right across from the station and super delicious.  The pizza has Queso Blanco, enchilada chicken, mozzarella, cheddar-jack, green pepper, yellow onion, cilantro and tortilla strips. 

Snacks today included some raisin bread my grandma made (she's a local lady!) and a boiled egg. 

Here are a few tips I learned while prepping for day 1:
  • Wheatsfield in Ames labels the Iowa food with a green label, so it's easy to find! That's how we discovered the Kalona Yogurt.  
  • I bought local wheat flour at Tallgrass... I thought it was white, but it's delicious all the same.
  • Fresh pasta takes hardly any time to whip up, and even less time to boil
  • You can freeze fresh-dried pasta


  1. Wow, yummy! I can't wait until tomorrow! What is Tallgrass? Steven and I are going to have to hit Gusto Pizza now too! Keep it coming!!!!! Jo Ann

  2. Tallgrass is a Co-op in Valley Junction that is kinda like Wheatsfield. Pretty cool place. :)