Friday, May 18, 2012

Eating Local Day 2

So far the only sad moments came at work when I failed to pack a sufficient snack and was met with a sign that said "Free Ice Cream in the Freezer". grrrrr. 

Needless to say, it wasn't local.

My yogurt didn't cut it yesterday, I'm a breakfast girl, so I cooked Paul's Grains oats I got from Tallgrass and added some honey I got at the farmers market and some Picket Fence milk.  I'm gonna venture into the world of sorghum soon.  Wish me luck.

Lunch created itself in my brain when i saw a nice juicy burger in the page of Women's Health.  I don't have any buns, and I'm trying to work with what I've got, so I whipped up some tortillas with my local flour, a few drips of oil (freebee) and cold water.  I've been making homemade tortillas since I was a little kid, so they're pretty much by feel nowadays.  I made enough for two burger sized tortillas and two big guys that I threw in the fridge for tomorrow. 

I'm starting to really plan ahead and build my "pantry" with basics like homemade pasta and tortillas so I can whip together a meal quickly if need be. 

The burger was juicy local beef that I just salted and peppered because the jazz was coming in the toppings.... or should I say Sass. 

I topped my burger with some greens from my CSA, local Swiss and some Russ and Frank's SASSY BBQ sauce.  I love this stuff. 

It's finger-licking good. 

A glass of milk rounded out the meal quite nicely. 

Dinner is leftovers from yesterday.  I brought them to work in case my dinner plans fell through last night, so they're still there. 

The Farmer's Market is tomorrow morning again! Where did this week go?  I wonder what kinds of new treats they'll have. 


  1. more instructions (and perhaps pictures) on the homemade tortillas please! Jo Ann

  2. I just whipped some up quick today without measuring, but I'll get some stats soon!