Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eating Local Day 3: Made Locally!

This morning I trucked down to the Downtown Farmers Market to pick up my CSA and try to not spend a whole lot more money....

I was only half successful...

I did get my CSA, but I also bought some Paul's Grains Quinoa, Paul's Grains granola (KILLER) and a Breakfast THANG from Tacopocalypse. 

The lovely Miss Emily Carlson of WHO-TV fame was flipping tortillas like a pro.  (I guess they'll give anyone a job...)

When I got home I whipped up a spinach and strawberry smoothie.  I have a bunch of spinach and greens left from last week because I spent half the week in Ames and didn't open my CSA 'till Thursday.  I'm hoping it keeps in the fridge.

I just snacked on the granola and some raisin bread for lunch.   My Breakfast Thing was pretty filling.

Then I made some dinner to bring with me.  Local beef, spring garlic, spinach, green onions and a tomato simmered down with some water.  I let that thing simmer for over an hour.

Tossed it with my homemade pasta and it was an easy local dinner to bring to work.

I also got a special treat.  My AWESOME coworker Dave's wife Emily, also of TV fame... sent a slice of peach pie for me!  Made in her kitchen, just a few miles away! :)

There is no picture of that because I inhaled it.  (oops)

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