Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fruit Tarts and Burger Fest

I've been home from Chicago for a day now, and I already miss it.  The baby shower was a huge success.  One girl even said, "We're at a Pinterest party". Which I took as a compliment... But Emily was mad... Even though she admits that most of her ideas came from Pinterest... 

Another compliment I got was that my tarts looked like they were bought at a fancy bakery!

Pretty stinkin' cute, huh??

And they're semi-homade! So easy.

I've been making fruit pizzas since I was in college.  It was always a huge hit at pot lucks and church meetings.  And it is a cinch to make.  And even easier as tarts! 

Take some small balls of store-bought sugar cookie dough and place them in a greased mini muffin tin.  I flattened them a little with the back of a cookie scoop.

Let them bake until they're starting to brown around the edges.  One batch was a little darker than the other, but they were all tasty.

Don't worry when they puff up in the oven, they will flatten down and create a perfect cup for your fillings.  

You can fill it with whatever you want, but I filled mine with fruit pizza toppings.  The filling is just a can of mello creme and a block of cream cheese whipped until it's combined and piped into the cups. 

Emily came up with the beautiful fruit arrangement. 

While I was there, Chicago was having Burger Fest.  SAY WHAT?! Yes, you would think I planned it... but I didn't. it was pure luck. 

Chicago is always having a "fest" during the summer.  

My friend Andy and I stood in line for 45 minutes for a burger at the Butcher and The Burger... I'm not going to say people were budging... BUT PEOPLE WERE BUDGING.  

My burger had grilled onions, cheddar cheese and truffle mayo... It was very satisfying.  And for a burger made on an outside grill along with 20 other patties, and then thrown on a bun, it was surprisingly medium-ly cooked.  

They had a great band playing, and everyone in the neighborhood was out there, putting up with the heat to get a good burger and hear some great tunes.  

Emily and me!
It got my Chicago fix.  Now I want to go back!

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