Friday, August 10, 2012

Greek Yogurt and Dill Salmon

I've been running a lot lately, and I knew I had a particularly tough workout coming yesterday, so I defrosted a salmon filet Wednesday night and cooked it up after the workout on Thursday.

I was poking around and I came up with these stats:

3oz serving of porterhouse steak
19g protein
22g fat
-8g saturated fat

3oz serving of salmon
19g of protein
10g of fat
-2g of which are saturated. Most of the fat in salmon is the healthy omega-3 type.

Plenty of protein and half the fat of a steak?  Yes please.  Plus, I would rather have a professional chef cook my medium-rare steak to perfection, than have me flip and squish the crap out of a perfectly good cut of meat trying to figure out how done it is. 

I was craving the sweet herb-y taste of dill, so I slathered a little greek yogurt over the filet and sprinkled some dill weed and bread crumbs over the top.

 I baked it in a lightly greased bread pan until it was opaque and perfectly cooked. 

Looks pretty good for an oil-free, protein-packed slice of fish-deliciousness. 

Don't you love how salmon makes this chevron-esc pattern?

I served it with some mashed potatoes.  Nothing fancy.

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