Monday, March 10, 2014

Easy Thai Chicken Salad

Dinner tonight was done in 10 minutes...

Do I have your attention?

I had been looking for a way to use a bag of coleslaw mix I bought the other day to top my fish tacos.  I feel like they should sell smaller bags of coleslaw mix, but I digress.  I found this recipe for a chopped Thai Chicken Salad and I couldn't resist makingt a few easy substitutions.  It ended up easier than I even thought it would be! 

Easy Thai Chicken Salad
1/2 bag coleslaw mix (just the chopped cabbage and carrots bag, pre mayo)
2 chicken breasts
2 green onions
1 snack-sized bag of peanuts (chopped)
Handfull of chopped cilantro
1 Cup Wonton Strips (I love these)
Asian Sesame Dressing to taste

I slapped the chicken on the Foreman Grill (it's getting so nice out, if I had a grill, I would have grilled them outside!) and set to mix up the other ingredients.

I threw everything in a bowl and mixed it all up.  Once the chicken was done, I let it cool off for a bit so it wouldn't wilt my slaw and chopped it up into the salad.

Voila! Dinner was that easy.  And I had plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!  I will note, saving the wonton strips for right before you serve is generally a good idea.  They get a little soggy.

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